How to share folder with users, groups, set permission level in Windows 7?

In this post, I will describe the steps for sharing a folder with users and groups in Windows 7. By using these steps you can share a folder and set “Read” or “Read/Write” permission level for the folder.

To share a folder with users, groups in Windows 7, follow the below given steps:

1) Right click on the folder and click on Properties.

2) Then, go to Sharing tab.

3) Click on “Share” button.

Sharing tab in Properties dialog box for folder in Windows 7

4) In File Sharing dialog box, you can use the drop down menu to find a user or a group or you can directly type in the user name and click on “Add”.

Type a name, click on Add in File Sharing dialog box in Windows 7

5) Now, you can select the permission level for the folder. Options are “Read” and “Read/Write”.

Select permission level for folder in Windows 7

6) Click on “Share” button to share the folder with the user.

7) You will get a message “Your folder is shared”. You have the option to email other users and groups links for shared items.

Your folder is shared in Windows 7

8) Click on “Done”.

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