How to set up Windows Speech Recognition to enable voice commands in Windows 7?

This is a tutorial to set up Windows Speech Recognition in Windows 7. Speech recognition is a feature in Windows 7 which allows you to use your computer by using voice commands. You can use Speech recognition to start and close programs, switch windows and programs, open and close menus, enable dictation for emails and documents, for scroll and navigation, click on Items, Show desktop, minimize, maximize and restore windows, and go to text fields in forms. By using Speech recognition you can perform all the tasks which you do by using mouse and keyboard.

To to set up Windows Speech Recognition in Windows 7 and to enable voice commands, follow the below given steps:

1) Click on Start button, then click on All programs.

2) After that, click on Accessories and then, click on Ease of Access.

3) Then, click on Windows Speech Recognition. This will start the Set up Speech Recognition wizard. Click on Next.

Set up Speech Recognition wizard in Windows 7

4) Then, you can select the type of microphone you will be using with Speech Recognition. You can select a headset microphone, desktop microphone, array microphone and microphones in other devices. Click on Next.

Select type of microphone in Speech Recognition in Windows 7

5) In the next step, you can set up your microphone for Speech Recognition. Click on Next.

Set up microphone in Speech Recognition in Windows 7

6) Then, read the following sentence in the next step so that computer checks if the microphone is placed properly for Speech Recognition. After you read the text click on Next.

Adjust volume and test microphone in Speech Recognition in Windows 7

7) If your microphone is set up correctly, you will see the following message: The microphone is ready to use with this computer. Click on Finish.

Microphone set up wizard in Speech Recognition in Windows 7

8) You have successfully enabled Speech recognition in your computer. You can see the Windows Speech Recognition listening mode activated.

Listening mode in Windows Speech Recognition in Windows 7

Now, you can speak in to your microphone to give voice commands to your computer. To change settings, right-click on Speech Recognition. Here, you have different options for Windows Speech Recognition like On: Listen to everything I say, Sleep: Listen only for “Start Listening” and Off: Do not listen to anything I say. Also, you have other options like Play audible feedback, Run at Start up, Speak text in correction dialog, Enable dictation scratchpad, configuration settings, open speech dictionary and dictation topic.

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