How to schedule a task using Task Scheduler in Windows 7?

This is a tutorial and beginner’s guide to schedule a task using Task Scheduler in Windows 7. By using Task Scheduler you can schedule a program to run, send an email or display a message on the desktop automatically on a specific day, date and time in your computer. You can apply different conditions, change settings and frequency for the scheduled tasks.

To schedule a task using Task Scheduler in Windows 7, follow the below given steps:

1) Click on Start.

2) Then, click on Control Panel.

3) After that click on System and Security.

4) Then, click on Administrative tools.

5) Then, double-click on Task Scheduler.

6) In Task Scheduler, click on Create Basic Task under “Actions” on the right side.

Task Scheduler in Windows 7

7) In Create Basic task Wizard,

i) Create a Basic Task: Create and schedule a task.

a) Name: Enter the name of the scheduled task.

b) Description: Enter the description of the scheduled task.

For Example, here I will create a task for scanning computer using Antivirus and updating databases.

Create a Basic Task in Task Scheduler

Click on Next.

ii) Task Trigger: Set up when the task will be started: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, One time, When the computer starts, When I log on, or When a specific event is logged.

Task Trigger in Task Scheduler

For Example, here I will select Daily.

Click on Next.

iii) Daily: Enter the Task Start date, Start time, and task recurring setting.

Set up when task will be started in Task Scheduler

Click on Next.

iv) Action: Here you can select the action. You can Start a program, send an email or display a message.

Start program, send email, display message using Task Scheduler

Click on Next.

v) Start a program: You can select the program which you want to run. For Example, I will start the Kaspersky Antivirus Program. You can start any program as per your requirements.

Start a program using Task Scheduler

Click on Next.

vi) Summary: This page displays the summary of the task you have created. Click on Finish.

Summary for scheduled task in Task Scheduler

8) You have successfully created and scheduled a task. To view your task, click on Task Scheduler Library on the left side. Right click on the task and you have different options like: Run, End, Disable, Export, Properties and Delete the task.

Task Scheduler Library in Windows 7

9) You can also create a task by clicking on Create task under Actions. By this method you can apply advanced settings and add conditions for the scheduled task.

Advanced settings, add conditions for scheduled task

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