How to map network drive to share files, folders in network in Windows 7?

Network drive is a feature in Windows 7 by using which you can create and map a drive or folder in your Windows computer which can be used by other users in your network. This network drive can be accessed by other users and it is helpful for sharing files and folders in a network.

To map network drive to share files, folders in network in Windows 7, follow the below given steps:

1) Click on Start button and then click on Computer.

2) Click on “Map network drive”

Click on Map network drive button in Windows 7

3) In Map Network Drive dialog box, specify a drive letter for this folder. For example, Z:

4) Click on “Browse” and select the network folder which you wish to map.

Select shared network folder which you want to map in Windows 7

5) Select option “Reconnect at logon” to automatically reconnect to the drive.

6) Click on “Finish”.

Map network drive dialog box in Windows 7

In “Computer”, a new network drive Z: will be created under “Network Location”.

New network drive Z, created under Network Location in Windows 7

If you want to un-map this folder in future, right-click on the network drive and click on “Disconnect”.

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