How to change location, keyboard, input language settings in Windows 7?

There are many applications and services in a Windows 7 computer which depends on your current location. You can set up your current location so that these programs and services work correctly. You can also change the settings for keyboard and input languages.

To change location, keyboard, input language settings in Windows 7, follow the below given steps:

1) Click on Start menu and then click on Control Panel.

2) In Control Panel, click on “Clock, Language and Region”

3) Then, click on “Region and Language”.

4) In Region and Language dialog box, click on “Location” tab.

5) Select the location from the “Current Location” drop down menu.

Change location settings in Windows 7

6) To change keyboard settings, click on “Keyboards and Languages” tab.

7) Then, click on “Change keyboards” button.

8) In Text Services and Input languages dialog box, go to “General” tab.

9) Under “Default input language”, select the default input language for the keyboard.

Select default input language for keyboard in Windows 7

10) If you want to add another input language, click on “Add” button and select an input language from the “Add Input Language” dialog box.

11) Click on “Apply” and “OK” in “Text Services and Input languages” dialog box.

12) Click on “Apply” and “OK” in Region and Language dialog box.

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