How to change homegroup settings, enable media streaming in Windows 7?

In Windows 7, you can add your computer to a Home network. Home network is a trusted network. You can set this network if all computers you will be using in this network are at your home. When you add a computer to a home network then it is automatically added to a homegroup. After that you can can change the homegroup settings as per your needs to share libraries, printers and media to other computers in the home network. Also, you can enable media streaming for all devices on your homeĀ network.

To change homegroup settings in Windows 7 to share libraries and printer, follow the below given steps:

1) Click on Start button and then click on Control Panel.

2) After that, click on “Network and Internet” and then, click on “Homegroup”.

3) If your computer already belongs to a homegroup then you will see the message “This computer belongs to a homegroup”.

4) Under “Share libraries and printers” you have the option to share libraries like Pictures, Movies, Videos, Documents and Printers.

5) Under “Share media with devices”, check option “Stream my pictures, music and videos to all devices on my home network” to enable media streaming. Click on “Choose media streaming options” to select media streaming options for computers and devices.

Choose media streaming options for computers and devices in Windows 7

6) Under “Other homegroup actions” you have other options like: View or print the homegroup password, Change the password, Leave the homegroup, Change advanced sharing settings, and Start the Homegroup troubleshooter.

How to change homegroup settings, enable media streaming in Windows 7

7) When you are done, click on “Save changes”.

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