How to change date, time settings, add clocks, synchronize with internet time server in Windows 7?

In Windows 7, you can easily change the date and time settings from the Desktop. You can also select a time zone for your Windows 7 computer. You also have options to add additional clocks, and synchronize the time with internet time-server.

To change date and time settings add clocks, and synchronize with internet time-server in Windows 7, follow the below given steps:

1) Click on the clock at the right side, corner of the screen.

2) Then, click on “Change date and time settings”.

3) After that under “Date and Time” tab, click on “Change date and time”. Set the current date and time. Click on “OK”.

4) Click on “Change time zone” and select a time zone from the drop down menu. Click on “OK”.

Change date, time settings in Windows 7

5) Under “Additional Clocks” tab, click on option “Show this clock” and select the time zone and name the clock. This will be an additional clock. You can add up to two additional clocks along with the primary clock. You can also name the clocks from “Enter display name” field.

Add additional clocks in Windows 7 computer

To view the time in additional clocks, just click on the clock at the right side of the taskbar.

View more clocks in Windows 7

6) Under “Internet Time” tab, you can select from which server the system time would be synchronized. Click on “Change Settings”, check option “Synchronize with an Internet time-server” and select a server from the drop down menu. Click on “Update Now” and then, click on “OK”.

Synchronize time with internet time server in Windows 7

7) Click on “Apply” and “OK” in Date and Time dialog box.

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