How to add Sticky Notes, desktop memos in Windows 7?

This post is a tutorial for creating Sticky notes and desktop memos in Windows 7. As the name suggests, a sticky note is a note which sticks in the desktop. Even after you shut down or log off from your computer and login again next time, you can find the sticky note in the desktop. Sticky note is helpful for adding important notes and things to do list in your Windows 7 computer. In this post, I will describe the steps for creating a sticky note and to edit settings for the sticky notes.

To create Sticky Notes, desktop memos in Windows 7, follow the below given steps:

1) Click on Start button, then click on All programs.

2) After that, click on Accessories and then, click on Sticky Notes.

3) Then, type the text in the Sticky Notes.

How to add Sticky Notes, desktop memos in Windows 7
4) To create a new sticky note, click on + button or press Ctrl + N.

5) To delete a sticky note, click on x button or press Ctrl + D.

6) To move a sticky note, click and hold the top panel of the sticky note and drag.

7) To change the color of a sticky note, right click on the text section of the sticky note and select a color. You can choose from the following colors: Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, White and Yellow.

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