Caps Lock not working because Windows update was postponed in Windows 7

In this post I will discuss about a Caps Lock problem which recently occurred. From time to time, I get automatic Windows updates in my Windows 7 computer to restart the computer for installing Windows updates:

Restart your computer to finish installing important updates dialog box

Almost all the time, I click on “Postpone” as I am working on something and I figure when the computer restarts the next time, Windows updates will automatically be installed. However, this day I postponed it more than a few times. When they say, Windows updates are important, they are right. While I was typing I observed that Caps Lock was not working and after some time even the Shift key was not working. So, I installed the Windows updates manually and restarted the computer and Caps Lock started working again.

To manually install Windows updates in Windows 7, follow the below given steps:

1) Click on Start menu and then, click on Control Panel.

2) In Control Panel, go to: System and Security –> Windows Update

3) Click on “Install updates” button.

Manually install Windows updates in Windows 7
After that restart your computer so that the updates will be installed.

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