Difference between paging and segmentation

Here is a comparison between paging and segmentation:

S.No. Paging Segmentation
1. A page is a contiguous range of memory addresses which is mapped to physical memory. A segment is an independent address space. Each segment has addresses in a range from 0 to maximum value.
2. It has only one linear address space. It has many address spaces.
3. Programmer does not know that it is implemented Programmer knows that it is implemented.
4. Procedures and data cannot be separated Procedures and data can be separated
5. Procedures cannot be shared between users Procedures can be shared between users
6. Procedures and data cannot be protected separately Procedures and data can be protected separately
7. Compilation cannot be done separately Compilation can be done separately
8. A page is a physical unit A segment is a logical unit
9. A page is of fixed size A segment is of arbitrary size.


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