Changes to Windows 8: Windows 10 Unveiled

Microsoft has made quite a few changes to Windows 8 operating system when they introduce Windows 10 later this year. Of the many complaints received, one of them is the missing Start Menu. Consumers can’t leave without the Start menu, so Microsoft is bringing it back and still keep the Windows 8’s App Pinning feature.


In the all-new Windows 10, the multi-tasking feature is introduced. This feature allows you to have multiple virtual desktops running at the same time. For example, one for work and another for personal. Microsoft also introduces Holographic in Windows 10. It is a 3D gamer’s dream. It comes pre-installed with Windows 10 that allows developers to create virtual 3D environments and delivers to the gamers via the reality headset, HoloLens. DirectX 12 also comes with Windows 10 to allow the creation of games for Windows 10 platform. Xbox App is pre-installed on all Windows 10 PCs and tablets as well.


Most people have already ditched Internet Explorer when version 6 came out. The Internet Explorer was the most hated browser, and Microsoft recognizes it now. In order to change people’s perception of IE, they rebrand it to Spartan Browser. It’s similar to the Pocket Extension for Google Chrome with one-click save articles for later viewing. The Spartan also allows the user to take notes of the web pages, save it to OneDrive, and then share it with your friends or colleagues as a collaboration tool. This features is somewhat like the Samsung Galaxy Note phablets. The Spartan Browser of Windows 10 is also backward compatible with Internet Explorer 11, meaning it can load the IE 11 engine.


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