Advantages of virtualization

Virtualization is a technology which is used in multicomputers where several virtual machines are used in a single host computer and each can run different operating systems. Virtualization is done to make sure that if one virtual machine crashes then, the overall system still keeps running.

Here are the advantages of virtualization:

1) Many operating systems can be used: The best advantage of a virtual machine is that different operating systems can be used in a single host machine. Hence, there are no worries about the compatibility of programs in different operating systems.

2) Easy to maintain: Different virtual machines are used and different tasks are assigned to them. Thus, managing the tasks can be done easily.

3) Isolated virtual machines: The best part of using virtual machines is that they act as isolated to one another. So, if one machine fails, it is easy to replace it and the system is still working.

4) Cost effective: Since the number of real computers are reduced, the cost of hardware, electricity, and storage space is greatly reduced.

5) Easy to move processes: In a virtual machine it is comparatively easier to move processes as compared to a regular machine.

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