Plotters: Pen, Flat Bed, Drum and Electrostatic Plotters

Pen plotter: A pen plotter is a device using a vector scan approach in which the points are plotted in paper according to the instructions. Usually two motors are used in a pen plotter along with multiple pens. Almost all geometrical shapes can be made by using a pen plotter.

Flat Bed plotter: In a flat bed plotter, a table is used and plotting is done by electrostatic charge. The pen is kept a at a 90 degrees angle to the table and is pointed to the paper up and down while plotting.

Drum Plotter: In this type of plotter both pen and the paper are movable. The paper is moved along a drum, hence the name drum plotter.

Electrostatic plotter: In an electrostatic plotter, negative charges are placed in the paper where plotting needs to be done. Then, positively charged black toner particles are moved to the paper.  Negatively charged paper attracts the positively charged toner particles and hence plotting is achieved. Electrostatic plotters have scan conversion ability and are very fast as compared to pen plotters. Even colored plotting can be done by using electrostatic plotters.

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