Non impact printers: Ink Jet Printer and Laser Printer

A non impact printer uses ink jet sprays and laser methods to crate characters in the paper.

Ink Jet Printer: An inkjet printer creates small dots of ink (50 to 60 microns in diameter) by the use of tiny nozzles on the paper to produce output. Characteristics:

  1. An inkjet printer can print with the speed of 3-4 pages per minute.
  2. Low maintenance cost: Only ink cartridge needs to be replaced from time to time
  3. Printing quality is good.
  4. Colored print outs can be made by using ink jet printers.

Laser Printer: In a laser printer, a laser beam is used to charge the image which has to be printed on a photoconductive drum. This charged area is then attracted by the ink which is oppositely charged. By the application of pressure and heat this image is then transferred to paper. For a colored laser printer four colors cyan, magenta, yellow, and black are used to make any desired color.  About 5 to 15 pages can be printed by using a laser printer in one minute. Printing quality of a laser printer is of top notch.

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