Digi Router (Enterprise) Troubleshooting: VPN Connection Issue

When the Digi router cannot connect to a local network, the VPN tunnel needs to be reset. In some cases (WAN 3G Digis) will need to be reset on the Digi Router as well.

On the Digi Router:

  1. Using VPN or log directly into the server. Navigate to the web interface of the Digi in question by typing the public IP address of the Digi router (EX:
  2. Once logged in to the router, navigate to the “Connection” option under Management, to the left will list the VPN connections that it has at the moment. Select the tunnel to be disabled and click disable (it just needs to be disabled and re-enabled again), refresh and enable it again. This will reset the tunnel on the Digi.

digi router

3.  On the Firewall: Open a SSH session (using Putty or whatever tool you prefer) and log in. Run the command: clear crypto isakmp sa IP address of the interface. You need to type the IP address of the interface in question. (EX: clear crypto isakmp sa

digi router


  1. The firmware of these Digi Routers needs to be updated once a year. If a Digi router is having continuous issues (same repeatedly issue) check for new firmware. Read the release notes. The issue will probably be resolved with the new update).
  2. Everytime the Digi routers are bouncing (wireless interface) Up or Down. The best troubleshooting method is to reboot the router. This fixes the issues most of the time.

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