Similarities, differences, comparison between XQuery and SQL

Similarities between XQuery and SQL:

1) Both SQL and XQuery are set oriented languages.

2) Both SQL and XQuery are strongly typed languages.

3) Just like in SQL, XQuery uses SQLCODE and SQLSTATE for error handling.

4) Query processing in both SQL and XQuery are similar.

5) Similar functions like stored procedures which are in SQL can be created in XQuery.

6) Both SQL and XQuery use the concept of namespaces.

Difference and comparison between XQuery and SQL:




1. XQuery is an expression oriented language SQL is a statement oriented language.
2. Concept of nodes are used in XQuery Concept of rows are used in SQL
3. A user cannot create and update tables. A user can create and update tables.
4. It is a new language. It is an old language.

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