Similarities and differences between XML and SQL

Similarities between XML and SQL:

XML and SQL share many common features. Here are a few of them:

1) Focus on description: Focus of XML is on each element of a document structure. It doesn’t specify how to process the document. SQL also focuses on which data is requested and not on how to retrieve the data.

2) Document type: XML defines a document based on real world document types. Similarly tables in SQL are composed of real world entities.

3) Building block: XML is build by using elements and attributes. SQL is built by using tables and columns.

Difference between XML and SQL:

Here are the differences between XML and SQL:




1. Concept is based on the document structure Concept is based on the data processing record structure
2. It is text centric It is data centric
3. Structure of XML is hierarchical. Structure of SQL is tabular.
4. It is used for representing objects. It is used for manipulating objects.

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