Pros, advantages of SQL (Structured Query Language)

Below given are the pros, advantages of Structured Query Language (SQL):

1) Portable: SQL is run in programs in mainframes, PCs, laptops, servers and even mobile phones. It runs in local systems, intranet and internet. Databases using SQL can be moved from device to another without any problems.

2) Used with any DBMS system with any vendor: SQL is used by a all the vendors who develop DBMS.

3) SQL Standard: First standard for SQL was put up in 1986 by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and ISO (International Standards Organization). It was later expanded in 1989 and in 1992 and 1999.

4) Used for relational databases: SQL is widely used for relational databases.

5) Easy to learn and understand: SQL mainly consists of English statements and it is very easy to learn and understand a SQL query.

6) Interactive language: SQL can be used to communicate with the databases and get answers to complex questions in seconds.

7) Both as programming language and interactive language: SQL can do both the jobs of being a programming as well as an interactive language at the same time.

8) Complete language for a database: SQL is used to create databases, manage security of a database. It can also be used for updating, retrieving and sharing data with users.

9) Multiple data views: By use of SQL, different views of structure and content of a database can be provided for different users.

10) Client/Server language: SQL is used for linking front end computers and back end databases. Thus, providing client server architecture.

11) Dynamic database language: By the use of SQL database structure can be changed in a dynamic fashion even when the contents of the database are accessed by users at the same time.

12) Supports object based programming: SQL supports the latest object based programming and is highly flexible.

13) Supports enterprise applications: SQL is the database language which is used by businesses and enterprises throughout the globe. For an enterprise application it is a perfect language for a database.

14) Integrates with Java: SQL integrates with Java by using an API known as JDBC (Java Database Connectivity).

15) Used in internet: SQL is used in three tiered Internet architecture. The architecture includes a client, application server and a database.

16) Used by IBM and Microsoft: SQL is used by major players like IBM and Microsoft. IBM used SQL in DB2; and Microsoft in ODBC (Open Database Connectivity), SQL server and ADO (ActiveX Data Objects).

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