Features of Object Oriented Database (OODB)

Object oriented databases (OODBs) are databases which work on the object oriented approach. The idea behind a OODB is to match the database data model with the programming language which is usually object oriented in nature. By using the object oriented technology performance in a database is greatly increased. OODB is standardized by Object Data Management Group (ODMG).

Here are the features of object oriented database (OODB):

1) In OODB, every entity is an object. Tables here are a collection of objects and even table is an object.

2) Similar objects can be classified to classes and sub classes.

3) Characteristics of an object are referred to as attributes.

4) Objects in OODB communicate with each other by using messages.

5) A method is executed when a message is received by an object.

6) An object inherits properties from its high level classes thus following inheritance.

7) Structure and data of objects are encapsulated.

8) Objects are identified by using unique identifiers known as a handle.

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