Uses and applications of Computer Graphics

Here are the uses and applications of Computer Graphics:

  1. Graphs and charts: Computer graphics is extensively used in making 2D and 3D graphs and charts like pie charts, bar graphs, histograms. These graphs and charts are used in educational institutions, hospitals, businesses, organizations and companies. The idea behind a graph and chart is dig in information and to compare the results between two or more quantities. Hence, these charts and graphs help a user to analyze the information correctly.
  2. For making user interfaces: Without computer graphics all we would see in a Windows or a Mac is a bunch of codes. This would be okay for a geek but for a naïve user it would be very difficult to interact with the computer. All those icons, menus, buttons, scrollers are the applications of computer graphics.
  3. CAD (Computer Aided Drafting): Computer Graphics is used for CAD for making designs of mechanical, electro-mechanical and electrical and electronic gadgets. They are used for making designs of smallest of the chips to the largest of the ships.
  4. In animation: Animation is not possible without computer graphics. With the use of computer graphics images and sounds are embedded seamlessly to create animations.
  5. In simulation: Another use of computer graphics is to make simulations. Say you want to test the abilities of a pilot in a combat situation. Now, you can create simulated software for combat where you can use computer graphics to make realistic environment. BY use of this software a user can feel that he’s in a combat environment.
  6. For desktop publishing and office automation: Computer graphics is helpful for making DTPs (Desktop publishing softwares). These softwares are used for printing and publishing multiple files easily and they save the time of a user to format and to add design in the document.
  7. For artworks: Nowadays computer graphics is also used for making digital artworks. These artworks are basically flawless and cheap as compared to the tradition paintings. You can see these types of artworks in many organizations.
  8. In Advertising: Computer graphics is used to make large and small banners and displays in a fly. It’s also very easy to make these kinds of banners.
  9. To control processes: In many industries various processes are controlled by using computer graphics. With a single click of a button many large and small machines can be controlled easily by graphics softwares.
  10. For Maps: One of the major contributions of Computer Graphics is in making maps. Various kinds of maps can be generated by CG and they are very precise.

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