Pros of interactive computer graphics

Here are the advantages of interactive computer graphics:

  1. The look and feel of Windows and Mac are examples of interactive CG and it helps the end user to do tasks easily.
  2. The CG helps to generate quality pictures both real and virtual as in maps and diagrams.
  3. By using DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and audio synthesis audio files can be embedded in graphics to give realistic products as in computer games.
  4. CG helps to change the properties of objects like color and shapes. This feature is known as update dynamics.
  5. Interactive graphics are also used to create animations.
  6. Another feature in interactive graphics is motion dynamics. It is used to move objects by making the viewer stationary or vice versa.
  7. Interactive graphics helps the user to visualize the content more effectively thus creating a user friendly environment.
  8. It increases the precision in information and provides specific results as per the requirements.

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