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Virtualization: The Advantages and Disadvantages of VM

Virtualization provides a company with significant opportunity to increase efficiency and decrease costs in its IT operations. However, virtualization also introduces additional risks. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of virtualization: Advantages of Virtualization: Server hardware costs may decrease for both server builds and server maintenance. Multiple operating systems can share processing capacity and storage […]


Internal Security Control Classifications

There 3 different internal security control classifications: Preventative control is to prevent the breach or incident to happen in the first place, and here’s how you can do that. Hire the right kind of people and train them properly Physical access control where you can come in with a keycard, badge access, man-trap, etc. You must […]

Apache Archiva Cross-Site scripting and Command Execution

Apache Archiva is an extensible repository management software. Apache Archiva is affected by following vulnerabilities: Apache Archiva is affected by a vulnerability in the version of the Struts library being used, which allows a malicious user to run code on the server remotely. Apache Archiva is affected by cross-site scripting (XSS) issue by sending a […]

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Microsoft Windows 2000/XP Event Log Administrative Weakness

Threat: Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 2000, when configured to send administrative alerts and the “Do not overwrite events (clear log manually)” option is set, does not notify the administrator when the log reaches its maximum size. Impact: Could allow local users and remote attackers to avoid detection. Solution: This issue was first corrected in […]

Adjust Your Power Savings Setting to Speed Up Windows 8.1

Adjusting the power savings setting is one of the quickest ways to speed up your Windows 8.1 devices, whether it be a laptop or desktop machine. By changing the power savings setting, your machine will run faster. Here are a few quick steps to adjust the power savings setting: Launch the SEARCH window by touching the […]

How to Truncate VMWare events to Free up Space

Here are the steps to truncate VMWare events data to free up space: This article is being intentionally left somewhat vague because these actions should NOT be performed routinely. However, when the VMWare Virtual Center’s MS SQL databases have become so large that clearing out all the old event data has become necessary. This is one of […]

Changes to Windows 8: Windows 10 Unveiled

Microsoft has made quite a few changes to Windows 8 operating system when they introduce Windows 10 later this year. Of the many complaints received, one of them is the missing Start Menu. Consumers can’t leave without the Start menu, so Microsoft is bringing it back and still keep the Windows 8’s App Pinning feature. In […]

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How to Copy Datafile from Primary to Standby Database using RMAN

Steps to copy the datafile from the primary database to the standby database using RMAN. 1. From the Primary DB server, run: rman target=/ RMAN> backup as copy datafile 324 format ‘/home/oracle/backup_standby/test_xmit.dbf'; Starting backup at 04-FEB-15 using channel ORA_DISK_1 using channel ORA_DISK_2 using channel ORA_DISK_3 using channel ORA_DISK_4 channel ORA_DISK_1: starting datafile copy input datafile file […]

How to Copy Datafiles from Standby DB to Another Location (Oracle)

The following steps demonstrate how to copy datafiles from the Oracle Standby database to another location: 1. From Production database STOP log shipping alter system set log_archive_dest_state_2=DEFER; Make sure change is made select * from v$parameter where name like ‘%log_archive_dest_state_2%’ 2. From Standby database Cancel recovery ALTER DATABASE RECOVER MANAGED STANDBY DATABASE CANCEL; To verify that it’s down […]

Enable MySQL Monitoring in Zabbix (Linux)

There are more steps than just simply adding the MySQL template to a host to get mysql monitoring working. We have to add additional information to the zabbix_agentd.conf file. This file is located at /usr/local/etc/zabbix_agentd.conf. Add the following to the end of the /usr/local/etc/zabbix_agentd.conf file:,HOME=/var/lib/zabbix mysqladmin ping | grep -c alive UserParameter=mysql.version,mysql -V You […]

How to Restart the Oracle WebLogic Server

If you’re new to Oracle database administration and need to restart the WebLogic server for whatever reason, here’s a quick instruction on how to do just that. Log into the server with ‘oracle’ ID Change directory to: cd /app/oracle/middleware/user_projects/domains/base_domain/bin Stop each Managed server. ./ <servername> Repeat this command for all the servers that you want […]

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Jailing, sandboxing, interpretation in computer security

Jailing: Jailing is a method of computer security where one process is assigned to monitor another process. The process which is motioning is referred to as jailer and the process which is being monitored is a prisoner. Whenever a prisoner creates a system call, jailer is notified about it. Then, if the system call is […]

Jini coordination based middle ware for distributed systems, JavaSpace

Jini is a network centric coordination based middle ware architecture for distributed systems. It was developed by Sun Microsystems. Architecture of a Jini is a simple network centric one with many Jini devices connected to a network. These Jini devices are used for providing services in the network. A Jini device can be a computer, […]

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